The designer sued Adobe for a bug that deleted 100,000 files between videos and photos


Aspect of the typical Adobe Premiere screen
Photo: Axel Fu (Pexels)

Dave Cooper is an independent designer who has just filed a lawsuit against Adobe against millions of dollars. The artist is requesting an error in the Adobe Premiere error, which means that the software deletes more than 100,000 video files and photos.

Cooper is not the only one affected by the bug, and it would not be surprising if other professionals eventually joined in demand. An error recognized and repaired by the company affects the version of Premiere Pro that is included with Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 (11.1.1).

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Premiere Pro has a tool called a clear cache that is used to delete all the temporary video files that the software creates with each project. Unfortunately, the error in Version 11.1.1 caused the tool to delete much more than the temporary files.

Failure was only active for a month between start-up and patch, but it was obvious that the time was more than enough to cause a real crash in the groups of many designers. In the suit, Cooper estimates that the error was uploaded to more than 100,000 videos and photos worth US $ 250,000, excluding their future dividends in the form of a license. Adobe has no statements about it. [Juzgados del Distrito Norte de California vía Motherboard]

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