The crossing of Esmeralda Mitter and Andy Kusnetzoff for the statements of the actress about the Holocaust


The discussion of Esmeralda Mitter and Andy Kusnetzoff (video: "PH", Telefe)

Esmeralda Miter Decided to take a step forward in the first stretch of F, we can talk, In the department where Andy Kusnetzoff He appeals to the intelligence of his guests who must recognize some past actions. The actress was forward when the driver asked, "Who is repenting of a public statement?".

Andy made a brief introduction, recalling an interview that Eskeralda gave him Teleshow In mid-April, when he talked about the victims of the Holocaust and the disappearance of the dictatorship. "He was unhappy, maybe … It was not nice, but I never said so much, "he said, inaugurating a circus with Cussetoff that is growing in tension.

Andy: -You talk about the victims of the disaster, which are less.

Emerald: I never put it in doubt: Maybe they are not so much, maybe they are more, maybe they are less.

Andy: -In You recognize that it was a pifie?

Emerald: –No. That is not to say or say that it is not the greatest human tragedy or deny it. One of the greatest human tragedies (corrected). What I do, I admit, was unhappy, and that there are issues in the country that can not be touched because they all feel … and why they do not go and look for (José María) Muscari And a (Ursula) Vargues And they asked for money (for their controversial statements)?

Andy: No, stop. I want to help you order …

Emerald: -First I want to finish.

Emerald: First, I'm sorry. We can not continue with this topic forever, because if we do it, it's like They crucify me for something I do not do, which was discriminating against the Jewish community. I do not do it Until then, the topic came. Until the second. I do not want to continue. Sorry, smart. I withdraw.

Andy: -Well. He was removed.

Emerald: – (It was) much worse.

Andy: -It, it seems to me that they lose everywhere.

Emerald: -Caus me. You can not compare, Andy. (…) And lastly, I would have the right to doubt (from the Holocaust figure), like any man. And they do not have to quiet me so much.

Andy: –To close this topic, I need to tell you what I think. As if someone jawled the tragedy of the Andes (the reference had to do with which in the program was too Carlos Perez Vilaro, One of the survivors). But you say that they can be less and you keep getting …

Emerald: -Less or more, I said. It is that you do not really know if they are more or less.

Andy: – You do not have to get there.

Emerald: I do not want to get there, however It was what I said. I have been asking for forgiveness.

The actress finishes her words by "Asking the whole country" to watch the video of the interview she gave to Teleshow. "Dariou (Lopérfido, Your ex-partner) He has a political instinct. He said the truth, this is what the Canadians say, it is the number of missing persons that appear, the rest is not. The phrase is cut into half. He said that at that time it was good that way, but now it's been changed Was used politically for human rights And maybe you have to turn your head, the idea to the people. Moreover, our money was used more than in the actual number of disappeared, they used our taxes. It happened as it happened to the disaster, they were 6 million, but it was not so much"Said Esmeralda.

The statements by Esmeralda Miter about the Holocaust in her interview with Teleshow

PH It was accused on Saturday night, because most watched the day (10.1 points out). And soon after the actress thank the invitation of social networks as if nothing was happening. But hours later, on Sunday, his position changed: he retweeted his followers' articles, backing the position he used against Kusnetzoff. And even sent a strong message: "(Andy) I stopped the car and was strong. No one sweeps me and less on TV"He wrote in his twitter account.

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