The Concept of Hacker Lareda That Surprised Santiago Del Moro In "Intratables": "My Daughters Have Missed Me" – 05/12/2018

After a few years away from the television, the last living legend of an extinguished radio, Héctor Larrea, has returned to TV to be interviewed by Santiago del Moro in his program Intratables (America TV, and 21.15). There, In an open heart, the great Argentinean announcer showed that he was not "a good father".

In the cycle that Del Moro conducts, Bragadore Announcer, 80, in addition to reviewing his story and confirming that in all the years, "never" ran from the profession, though he clarified he left the TV "because he did nothing else to count" -, said no He was the "dedicated father," he should be.

The topic was derived from a driver's question Intratables. "Is your daughter the one who takes pictures of her?" Asked by Mor Moro. To which Lareda needed: "Yes, she came today (from Norway), she is lori." Already in this regard, the commander of the America TV cycle remained sharply. "How did you go as a father?" He asked.

And Laura answered, sincere. "More or less I do not think he was the dedicated father I should have been. But I think my daughters knew me. Y That everything could not be done and I had to give them education, "he said.

And he goes ahead: "I came from minus ten. You have to work hard to give them education. I think they have received a very good education that everyone wants. I hope all children can get that education. But I have not been the dedicated father that the manuals say one should be. I was not. I have apologized and they have forgiven me. I went to a few school events, I must be honest. "

"I was a father more or less," said LaWare.

After the speech of Larissa, Mor Moro insisted on consulting the youngest daughter of the speaker, presenting on the floor, if it really was. "It was a father he was when he had to be, always, even though he was not at the scene, and that kind of thing, When it should be, "said Laura.

He finds himself: "I feel a lot of emotion when you recognize him (his father) sometimes it happens to me that by not living here and being in Norway, I jump over there, alone, when giving him Martin Fierro or getting excited , The other day, for example, when he was introducing Cacha Fontana and Pinky. I think he is in an excellent moment, professionally speaking. "

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