The Church asked the initiative of Maria Eugenia Vidal to legalize more games of chance

With a harsh document, the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) criticized the Governor of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal, To legalize the online betting system through the project Tax and tax law, Which was approved by the provincial legislature.

"Each house can be a casino", Is the title of the critical document signed by the National Commission of Pastoral Care of Addictions and Drug Addiction, which is part of the SEA.

According to the statement, the Catholic institution indicated that the online betting regime "It did not have the opportunity to be discussed by society as appropriate"And"It has consequences"For the most abandoned sectors, where a collection lens is set forward.

"No young person from the mobile phone can be online With the huge suggestion that online gaming gives, the highly sensitive population in which we live will receive ambiguous and dangerous articles, "he said." How can a child get into the situation that the state, instead of thinking about his training and his first job, Offer you & # 39; timba & # 39; As a possible solution to your life?"He asked.

For the SEA, the poor who suffered the economic crisis can think of a "possible magic solution" to their situation. "And he warned:" We know the experience of the pain in the family when the game becomes dangerous. "This means that anyone who is banished, even for social assistance, would be a possible player"He concluded.

In addition, he noted that the regulation of the law "will not be as effective in dealing with pathological gambling" and highlighted his criticism against Vidal, noting that "the provincial government He has already expressed his conviction against the game, Even with concrete actions and decisions to the future. "

"We do not believe that this decision is justified to say that this business is being hiding. A collection lens is set forward and legalize the business of a little without considering the damage it leaves, "said the church.

Another criticism of the Cea was against the average sanctions in the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires that seek Expand the time of sale of alcohol on the beach. "In this case, the business is also prevented by the care of young people," concluded the Ecclesiastical Institution.

"The social and economic situation that the province of Buenos Aires demands is that the attention of the poorest neighborhood has public policies Promote the integral development of young people and the family And that Do not shoot every house in a casino"He found out.

The province of Buenos Aires expressed that they were fulfilling their goal that "the game does not grow" and said that "there are two Bingo and three closed casinos" since he took over Vidal.

"There are dozens of people arrested for illegal gambling and more than 50 million pesos recovered, also from illegal gambling, there is a public tender for the first time in 23 years, so as not directly giving the management of a casino to anyone Sometimes. Since we arrived, no more slot machine has been installed in the province, and not a new lottery agency. "They fell off.

On the online game, they explained: "There is a lot more difficulty to control and fight, it is not legally prohibited and does not pay taxes, and it's very unfair, not with the rest of the legal game, but with the other Activities of the economy, so what we want is that the online game also pay taxes. "

And they added, "What we do is demand that the use of the online game Utufruct pay taxes, and today they do not pay, and if it is a project to protect it and find a way to guarantee the ban, which is the most Significant, you will find support in the Government of the Province, but until now no simple mechanism of control or prohibition has been issued, which, in addition, will pay. "

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