The Chinese company Huawei sanctioned two of its employees for tweeting from an iPhone


Chinese mobile smart phone manufacturer Huawei sanctioned two employees who used an iPhone, The phone of the big American rival Apple, to post a message on the company's account, showed an internal statement.

The incident occurred on January 1 when the company wanted it Happy New Year to his followers in social networks.

"Happy # 2019," they wrote on Huawei's Twitter account. But this message has a slight problem: It mentions "Twitter by iPhone", which means it was written with the company & # 39; s competitor company.

The famous American youtube Marks Broshleve took a screenshot of the message and shared it on the networksIn which it has more than 3 million followers. Given the extraordinary evaluation of this edition, the Chinese group erased its original message.

Huawei and the digital marketing head are fined with 5,000 yuan wage withholding ($ 727) for the "negative impact" of the incidentDistributed internally to the corporate social network Weibo (China), which can consult AFP.

The digital marketing head will also see Frozen their salary and spent no 12 months raising.

This incident occurs at a time when Huawei faces a wave of rejection in some Western countries, such as the United States or Canada, Where Huawei Financial Director Meng Wenzhou suspected of involvement in a fraud case was arrested in early December.

This episode is a Wave of economic patriotism in China, Where some companies encourage their workers to use Huawei phones and apply sanctions to iPhone users or other Apple products.

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