The central bank warned that inflation will not occur in the coming months


According to the National Statistics Institute and Censuses (Indec), The consumer price index (CPI-cost of life) Increased by 2.6% in December and increased by 47.6% in 2018 Driven mainly by the increases in the items of transport and food.

For this reason, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) assured that "It is normal to expect monthly inflation to stay at levels" During the first months of the current year.

"While inflation in December (2.6%) remains high, Decline for the third consecutive month From the peak of September to 6.5%, "said the bank, adding" an annual inflation rate of 47.6%. Reflects the instability of the exchange rate experienced by our country"

"The Billy's priority is to prevent episodes such as the one experienced in 2018. "Because the monetary policy with regulated price cords and correction rates and excellent wage agreements, it is normal to expect the monthly inflation rate to continue for a period longer," they analyzed.

"While we see that inflation has dropped since September, due to regulating prices, plus the updating of parities, in the coming months we have experienced that they are similar to December's," he said. At least, To this quarter.

"December data was in line with what we expect, and the annual figure reflects the impact of the two that runs that year," confirmed a source of government financial system from Argentina.

"For us it is time to stop and say:" The priority of the plan is that we are planning it does not happen again. We do not have periods of exchange instability As we did in 2018, "the voice of the bcra.

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