The cartoonist of Bowsette makes a new comic book about the inclusion of Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate –


Something that coped us all by surprise this week was finally the announcement of Joker, From Persona 5, as a fighter included in the DLX's Smash Bros. Such was the reaction of the novelty that Haniwa, The original creator of Bowserette's character, did not take long to make a new meme about it.

In the comic you can see Joker interacting with Bowser at the same time that his level of 'Confident' With him is up. In case you did not play Persona 5 and did not understand the joke, the confident & # 39; Is an important mechanic of the game with which we can catch our level of friendship with different characters and that will help us to get different improvements and be part of the romances.

Then I leave the original tweets so you can throw a little laughs:

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