The businessman Daniel Villa explained why he went to the presentation of the book by Cristina Kirchner – 05/10/2019


After his presence in the book launch Cristina Kirchner It was one of the most talked about events of the night, Daniel Villa -And from the owners of the Americas group – he was there because they asked him and he didn't think it was "so funny".

"I'm going because they asked me," he gave dry when asked on the radio. In this line, he continued: "Going to an act at the Book Fair, seeing the presentation of a book, it is not so strange to me" and kept that "This surprising thing is that it was one of the only non-church journalists who was ".

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The businessman said he had "forgotten my rounds, sometimes very hard," but he found it "interesting to see what the act consisted of." "When I arrived, they treated me with great consideration and put me in the spot," he said, referring to the chair in the front row where he was sitting.

Felipe Sol á, Anibal Fernandez and artists like Cecilia Rot are at the same helm.

On the other hand, he said: "We cannot ignore the importance that Christina Kirner has in fact. Whether or not she is a candidate. There has been a lot of discussion in society. Of issues to solve. "

Consulted by the statements of his partner, model and journalist Pamela David He said if Christina won, he would leave the country, he replied: "Let us make him say in a joker, it is not a decision, almost a joke"

Look, too

"She does not agree to church denomination but she does not agree with the government or I think it is the typical example of 50% of Argentines who want a renewal." He said and added: "When I told him I was going He was surprised, but I explained all that. "

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