The Buenosaurian Senate approved the indifference that Maria Eugenia Vidal requested, the budget and the tax law

The Senate of the province of Buenos Aires approved Tuesday the debt project proposed by the Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal, The tax law and the 2019 budget. The initiatives are held over the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires, where they will be treated this very morning.

The session in the Senate was called 14, but the Legislative decided to request an extension without plan because they were not closed Members with some opposition blocks to reach the votes that make it possible to approve an indebtedness of 68,500,000 pesos. The initiative has the endorsement of 33 senators and is rejected by 13.

The budget, which is considered Expenses for 929,000 million pesos And seeks to prioritize public works, to strengthen social investment and improvements in safety, 29 positive and 17 negative votes.

The tax law recognizes a Increase of 38% for the real estate tax, whether urban or rural, which increases for the second consecutive period in the Province, And ruled on the rest of the taxes, such as seals.

It also created two new taxes on this game, one for the online game that is not taxed today, and the other will be the tax on the prize that will be taken from the slot machines and will be 2 percent.

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