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Time went by negotiations between the state government, CGT and entrepreneurs to pay a remarkable five thousand pesos bonus to workers in the private sector, an amount that is barely enough to compensate for 12 percent of the lost worker. of the average salary in the last year.

In September, Argentina's average salary was 26,164 pesos, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Labor. With a bonus, the average annual income of a paid worker in the private sector amounted to 340,132 pesos. This amount was achieved by an average parity of a 25% increase.

Year-on-year inflation stood at 40.5 percent in September. This means that wages have lost up to 15.5 points. If the pay was tied to inflation, the average net annual income would be 381.056.

This means that the Argentine with a salary of 26,164 pesos (national average) has stopped receiving 40,924 pesos throughout the year until September. The bonus would therefore only replace 12.22 percent of the lost.

The size of the proposed compensation is incompatible with the major controversial issue that emerged yesterday between trade unions and employers.

The commitment that the government took over from the leadership of the workers' union that by awarding the decree a sum of five thousand pesos that did not receive compensation (half in November and the second in January), they met with opponents of industrialists who were yesterday noted that more than six out of ten entrepreneurs will not be able to afford this payment.

The conditions were expressed by the Vice President of the Industrial Union, Daniel Funes de Rioja, who represents the business side of the table, which was designed to create a regulation.

"Every attempt I can make has a limit on how I pay, how to finance it, when most jobs in Argentina work in small and medium-sized businesses and access to credit today limits interest rates," he said.

Funes de Rioja stressed that the main points of the business conflict are the expansion of the number of installments with which the bond is paid to three or four, and companies that do not have enough capital to provide a soft credit line to "mitigate the impact of truly inappropriate interest rates".

"This is to be seen with reality, with prudence, and you can not cover the sky with your hands." Yesterday, Tuesday (Tuesday), Indek saw the fall of industrial activity, more than 11 percent of shrinkage, so all this has to be seen realistically. try to work together, but I watch that I will not get spending if there are companies that are able to pay (bonus), "he said.

On the bill?

It even went missing that UIA also asked that this decree confirm that there would be five thousand pesos of bonds due to future increases, which would result in the CGT being rejected.

He also came from the union dome to "mark the court" in order to respect the conditions for a commitment made by the Ministry of Production and Labor, Dante Sica, during a meeting that was held on Tuesday with two CGT leaders, Hector Daer and Carlos Acuña and the leaders of the UIA, the Argentinian Chamber of Small Businesses, the Construction Chamber and the Chamber of Commerce.

At the end of this summit, Daer announced the principle of a two-tranche bond arrangement arrangement and the establishment of a mechanism allowing the transfer of work portfolios and trade unions to avoid unjustified layoffs at least until March.

"We hope that the decree will come under the conditions that we all propose and certainly will not have any force," Daer said yesterday, who reiterated that the CGT Board will meet today to assess whether it achieves progress with the national government or not to stop the fifth strike against the administration of Mauricio Macri.

Now, undefined official movements may not be persuaded by all members of the CGT leadership.

The Secretary General of the Health Association yesterday explained that extra payments would not apply to state sector workers, explaining that "in the public sector, a parallel conversation is being held between the UPCN and Andres Ibarra", the deputy head of the state cabinet.

"We are negotiating not only for the bonus, but we have re-opened our parity for the third time," said Andrés Rodríguez, Secretary General of UPCN.

They point to the position of pensioners

The Third Age Advocate, Eugenio Semino, calculated that the income of pensioners shrunk by more than 20% as a result of the inflation forecast.

He reiterated that his retirement request was updated in the pensioner's basket and estimated to be $ 21,137 in August.

The adjustment of retirements in 2018 will be 28.5% according to the Mobility Act, compared to the predicted inflation of 45%. On the other hand, they already lost four or five points, what was the old old law and the new one.

Almost 60% of pensioners charge at least $ 8,600.

* Buenos Aires correspondent

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