The blood test that predicts whether you are depressed

(ANSA) – The Depression It can probably be diagnosed in five years with an examination of Blood: The test helps to "customize" the diagnosis and then the treatments, as well as to discover what is more in risk of the disease of the disease.

This is supported by Dario Aspesi and Graziano Pinna, from the University of Illinois in Chicago, in a paper published in the Expert Reviews of Proteomics. Pina has just presented it in Dallas, on the occasion of the XIII Conference of Italian researchers in the world.

"The test," Pinata tells Anza, "that assessing the presence or absence of markers linked to the disease can enter the clinical practice within the five-year term." "This is for example to measure the chemical levels of molecules such as neurotroids, which are produced in our brain but are also present in the blood and altered by stress," he added. "They can indicate an objective way in individual mood changes and then psychiatric illness such as depression and post-static stress disorder."

The scientist explains that they are preparing a blood test that looks for different molecules, at least 20, whose concentration is determined to understand who suffers depression or is prone to post-estratic stress disorder.

The test will also tell what between the distorted can take advantage of certain drugs instead of others, helping to personalize the treatments. Now the diagnosis is made with the programs to the patient and the symptoms of the symptoms: a tested based on multiple markers that track the "biofirma" of each patient can be a revolutionary step.

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