The 5 Whatsapp News for 2019


The messenger service Whatsapp Continues to spread its field as an application to be contacted worldwide, both for Android and iOS, so by 2019 more news and changes are expected, according to Business Today's report, there are 5 new features that will be released this year.

Dark Mode

There is a new capacity which will darken all the light colors of the application. One of the advantages is that your eyes are protected from the light that comes off the screen. Especially if you are one of those who chat at night. In addition, the dark mode allows you to save battery life.

Consecutive voice messages

Now the voice notes can be consecutive. This new feature will be activated when the Whatsapp detects two or more received audio files. Even if you hear two sounds and immediately play the second audio.

Video preview

This update will delight you, but only for iOS users, as Android is not reset. Users can now preview the videos and save some megabytes.

Classification of contacts

It's about keeping order in your Whatsapp. You can automatically classify your contacts, which will help you know what you are interacting with most.

Advertising in these countries

Remember what YouTube is playing? Something similar happens in the Whatsapp states. The vice president of the application, Kristians Daniel, has recently confirmed that they will be released in the state department from the beginning of 2019. The same has already been seen in Instagram and Facebook stories.

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