The 12-year-old girl who was raped in Juji was given a cesarean section: the baby was born alive and will be given to children


As the province of Juji province announced, this morning Sesarean section to interrupt the 23-week-old girl a 12-year-old girlThat was the victim of a violation.

The operation was conducted by the medical team of the Materno Infantil Hospital "Héctor Quintana". In this regard, the Minister of Health of Northern Province, Gustavo BouhidTalking to FutuRock FM radio and saying: "It is a baby that is born alive, is in neonatology and is about to be accepted. He won't get in touch with the mother"

About the Baby's State of Health – In an Interview with the Radio Middle Cordoba – She Said: "Now We must wait for evolution Because there are some (newborns) of low weight that have not kept their lives, others who have been left with sequels and others who are healthy ".

The Minister of Health assured them Pregnant and her mother's minor, signed consent that the Sesarean section will be done. The intervention was ordered by the righteousness, which took into account the protocol of interruption of pregnancy contravened in law.

"In hospital interdisciplinary team, it was decided to follow the Supreme Court's decision by means of a cesarean section that was done on the date of this date. Or with that procedure, an interruption of the pregnancy is done by a cesarean, "Bohid explained.

The minister of health of Juji also recalled that his position on the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy is public:I am in favor of life, I do not believe that death solves anything"

Last Friday, the minor reported that her daughter was abused by a 60-year-old man in the city of San Pedro, so she was hospitalized this week to carry out the operation. A press conference is expected at 12:30 pm at the resort.

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