Summit of the G20: Patricia Bullrich said that the security operation "was gone well" and warned that they would not "tolerate violence" – 11/29/2018


The minister Patricia Bullrich He advanced this Thursday The security operation In the early hours of the G20 "It's gone well", But was careful to say that they did not want to shoot until "the last minute of this circumstance."

At a press conference, head of the security portfolio is safe with the performance of the forces but warned that it will not "tolerate violence."

He reminded them of the demonstrations that will take place on Friday, on avenida 9 de Julio, on avenida de Mayo and the Congress. "We have proposed, in the framework of the mobilization, an agreement so that there will be no guarantee that there will be peace and agreement, but we will be very clear that we will not tolerate violence and We are going to play if some groups try to quit the lanes of peace"Insisted Bulrich.

The official said that security secretary Gerardo Milman was "in contact" with those who demonstrated against the top and agreed that they could do it by avenida de Mayo, from 9 July to the Congress.

"We have a very clear protocol, we have signed with the Nation's administration, with the Buenos Aires and the city, that the emergency system (911) To give false alarms and generate a climate of terror immediately they will be tracked and located and the prosecution will immediately open a case and they will be prosecuted. "

"This is the protocol and it was working a few days ago and we have concrete facts, they will have serious consequences," he emphasized.

Patricia Bullich at a press conference. Reuters photo

Patricia Bullich at a press conference. Reuters photo

The US president, Donald Trump, will arrive on Thursday night and stressed that they have been "locked up with the secret service and we have worked hard and we will be prepared."

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