Steps to prevent others from reading your Whatsapp messages


A few days ago An alleged error in WhatsApp was viralized That allows its users to read articles from other people, even when they do not know each other. Some people reported that this ruling allowed them to enter others' accounts, so it seems to be true. To solve this, we explain How To Change Your Phone Number In Installing Messaging App.

Much of this error Is because users change their number without migrating their accounts to this one, So whatsapp Recommend doing it as soon as possible and in a simple way with the "change number" function, Which allows you to migrate the information from your profile, groups and even the configuration of your old phone number to the new one.

This number can be migrated into four existing operating systems that are: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Nokia's 40. This function should be used before verifying your new number.

The process is simple, you should only Enter the app's menu on your device, go to settings, then account and you'll see the function change number That's where you need to enter the new phone.

WhatsApp indicates that the user needs to die "That your new size can receive SMS messages and international calls, And that you have an active connection to mobile data.

Make sure that the Whatsapp account with your old number is verified on your mobile phone. You can see which item is verified in WhatsApp by navigating to WhatsApp> More> Settings> Profile ".

When the change of your contacts will not receive a message for the modification, but those that are with you in the groups you belong to will do so, where a message will indicate that you have a new number.

In this situation It is important that you notify the number of contacts Before starting the process.

"It is not necessary to delete your old account. When you use the number of function exchange, the data in your old account will be mutilated to the new account with the new number, and the old account will be automatically deleted, "WhatsApp explains.

The mistake was discovered by Abby Fuller and reported on TwitterWhere he said that after logging into Whatsapp with a new number, he found on the device the message history of the previous number's owner.

"And now I wonder how many other times it happened, like who said my old number had my story Whatsapp? "He added in another tweet.

When his followers asked the phone new, Fuller responded "Yes, there was a new resource. No, it's not second-hand. It's not a second hand sim. Yes, I'm sure it's not my messages, or groups I added to. Yes, they are in plain text. I'm sure it's my phone number. It has not been restored from a backup. "

The statement helped other users like Michael Wilder discover that this situation is more common than we think.

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