StarBreeze starts with the reconstruction process and left without a director

Under the current model that prohibits the video games, many companies play their financial stability and even their permanence betting on an important title. However, if the results are not as expected, it may have been caused by disasters and it seems that this is the scenario that Strariree Ences, in charge of making the project a reality Overkill's Walking Dead, Who started with a reconstruction process.

Today, Starbreeze Ab issued a statement in which it reported that it had initiated a legal reconstruction process at a district office in Stockholm, Sweden, including all its divisions: Starbreze Publishing, Starbreze Production, Starbreze Studios, Enterspace and Internship International. . According to the information of the company, the decision was taken to deal with the liquidity problems that are currently under attack, which have made reconstruction necessary to locate a long-term solution. Also, the statement indicates that the financial projections for the last quarter of fiscal year 2018, 2019 and 2020 have been an effect.

The information provided by the company indicates that low sales of Overkill's Walking Dead They have an impact on their finances and practically altered all their sales forecasts. Despite the fact that this is generally bad news, Strabreeze has reported that there will be no change in terms of wages for his workers, and his operations will remain as such. However, in the case of payments to suppliers, the opposite situation will fall and these will not be able to materialize if their contracts with stratigraphs are prior to the day they started with the reconstruction process.

Recently, Strabreeze understood that Anderson had stopped his Seo and that, together with Kristofer Arwin, he moved from the guild of directors who were the only changes that had been made to the director of the board.

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