Spotify device for car could go on sale this year


Spotify's car music device could hit the market this year, As reported by these Financial Times. The plans that the directors of the music service application have to launch the device that plays music during the market. The first semester of 2019, and the Approximate Price is 100 USD.

The device It may be activated by a voice control from which it may be manipulated and it will include predefined buttons that will take the user directly to the playlists.

The device has a circular design with buttons for random playback, plus It will have an LED that illuminates the hardware around the green color of the Spotify signature.

The hardware It will be synchronized with the car sound system via Bluetooth, so there is no need for an auxiliary input cable to be heard. And so users can play the soundtrack during the trip to the office with a quick print.

At the moment both Spotify and a hardware partner, Flex, have declined to comment on any additional information on the device. It was announced to users of the platform in the month of February 2018 when they prematurely announced the purchase of the device in advance.

Spotify Recently Registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to Sell Wireless Devices To be loyal in the USA.

The music reproduction service has a strong incentive to produce players like this one for cars, as it can take the music to the older vehicles, where the alternative of a major unit can be more expensive, while for the newer cars Can provide faster access to Spotify.

This is a possibility Ensure that the platform stands out above Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as a means of specially dedicated to more eye-catching and discouraging other alternatives.

The advantage of this device

The service has also recently been introduced The Car View In your mobile application that helps keep your eyes on the road.

This is a method that allows users to control their mobile music in a simple way behind the wheel. The function is activated automatically when the application detects that a Bluetooth connection is made to a machine.

Thanks to this interface, You can find all the information occupying the entire screen. Information about the song, the buttons to change it, pause it And other functions like putting it in a random mode or giving it as seen in full size to make it easier to handle.

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