Spooky every one of a Korean footballer


Lee Seung-mo Is a young Korean footballer, who was the protagonist of a painful injury, while playing a game for the 36th day of the League of South Korea against the Daejeon Citizen. The defender of 20 years went to fight for a ball on top and lost stability, falling with all the weight of the body on his throat.

The tremendous impact of the player affects all those present in the Daejeon World Stadium, From the spectators to the player himself and assistants, who ran quickly to help him. Lee Seung-mo He is out of danger but must spend two weeks in the hospital.

For its part, the star defender of Gwangju FC He said that he did not remember anything after that jump. Once in the clinic, the doctors reported that the soccer player suffered the break Three cervical vertebrae And a fracture on the left hand side.

"He just remembers jumping up and then lost memory until he got to the emergency room. Recover the knowledge after arriving at the Yuseong-sun Hospital, "informed the club spokesman, in addition to the game" being discharged from the hospital for two or three weeks after the stabilization and restoration because there are no other anomalies, "he concluded. Spokesman for Gwangju FC.With with their recovery, demand between two and three months.

Your team the Gangju football club Can not be with his rival and fell by 1-0. With this victory Daejeon The sum of 53 points is located in the fourth position of the second division of the Korean League, led by Agan Mongunghua with 73 units. It should be noted that Lee Seung-mo I was part of the final team that got the gold medal with South Korea In the Asian Games in which the famous Toothman footballer, son Heung-min, avoided military service with the conspiracy.

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