Something broken: Marcelo Gallardo did not like the attitude of Guillermo Barros Schelotto

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He has the blood in his eye, the ruler is about to explode. Although there are not many protagonists in the microphones, the people in the monumental make it clear, pointing to the bar, the conmebol and the president Mauricio Macri. And it is also demonstrated by two references: first, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio with the "Come to Play" Daniel Angelici; And then,

Marcelo Gallardo,

As never before in his last press conference and visibly annoyed by what happened in a final

Libertadores Cup



That already means forever. The differences that are inherited from the leadership domains are offset by the technical bodies. Where does the main nuisance of the Moneco go? He knows that without the solidarity of the river on Sat. 24, Boca could have lost the game for "no show," because at one point the pressures of FIFA and Konmebol have been shown to be unnecessary (even the referee has been planted in the central circle Of the monumental). They talked after the game between Gallardo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto, pictures that are public. The River Coach understood that playing in the conditions would be an advantage, the same if they did the next day. But when he saw later that Boca asked that they give him the winning match.

The defense of the coach is replicated as the hour passes and the fact that Squareli complains: The squad must travel this Wednesday, at 14, to Madrid (they will go on a charter flight) to start training in the real Madrid city of Waldebas, Waiting for the duel on Sunday at the station Sagana Bernabé. A situation that less than 10 days ago was crazy impossible to imagine and today is a reality.

Gallardo, true to his style, calls for the work and potential of his group, though he keeps his guard out of the way because he does not understand different situations that enhance his discomfort, including the combob, FIFA and Boca, or leaders or coaching staff. Because the decision of the Xenize to go for everything in the desks, the loss of the area, the lack of responsible and guilty of the aggression against the micro rival and the recent declarations of

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

They are a bucket of cold water for the Moneco and its work group.

The feeling of "betrayal" and "dumb in the back", as some guides slipped into the corpses of the monumental, are still noticed: In Nññez they feel that, although the river chose not to play – evading the pressures of the conmebol and The FIFA to do it, to support the Boca and respect the equality of conditions for injured players to 100%, nothing to do. And he did not even become worthy.

The word of twins after the victory against Independent 1-0 just added fuel to the fire. "I have a mind formed, but we can not be out of focus.


Defined that it was played in Spain, we must stay and play. It will not be a standard libertadores environment. But you have to explain, something you say is useless. I would like to play in Argentina, but I think it is in the regulations and we have to keep it, "said the Boca coach.

Thus, the technicians took totally different positions – and complied, and the other against – and the feeling in the Gallardo environment and the monuments of the monumental was something that broke out between the technicians. They were never friends, but there was always a relationship of respect, mutual admiration of the time of players and camaraderie between both, who was noticed even in the final superclassic, with a greeting between them before the game started. The words of Barros Schelotto are the straw that overlooked the glass after three other situations that bothered: the statements of Tevez and Benedetto against the River, the low assessment of the attitude of the coach – he went to say hello and see how the players are – And from the establishment to show solidarity and, above all, the decision of Angelici and his CD to claim the points in the conmebol, thus generating the assumed lack of word.

"How am I going to reproduce my way of acting?" Said the Moneco at the press conference when they consulted him about possible repatriation after supporting the postponement. "I would be missing my way of feeling that others have done what they have to take advantage is not our problem or is that of the river fan," he shot, making it clear that he felt there was no respect from the sidewalk .

After the phrase "The end of the game on each side, we must see if Boca is going to present" that he left last Wednesday, the night before last was a lot more energetic, determined, restless, moving his feather to and fro . And his words contrasted with his gestures. Because its position is clear: the annoyance and the feeling that the river cleared the equality of conditions can only be plagued by the liberators.

"I want to focus and put energy into the team's preparation, it's the only way we can protect the fans, because the group will present them in the best possible way to give them the joy they deserve. Where we feel better: in the field, we lost the place, boys … we lost a lot, and now we have a lot to win, my anger is the same as that of the genuine fans who have removed the possibility of seeing To his team to play in his stadium and in the same theater Ingungen as we are to play in La Boca, "added the muoneko.

"The decision is made by Konmebol, it can not be changed, no matter how bad it is … The Copa Libertadores de America Boys, play 10,000 kilometers, we are going to retake what's just happened. We are, maybe tomorrow is another. "Says the dt.

During the next few days, the river will try to reduce tensions and nerves to maximize the strengths of a team that still remains strong because it knows that its chances of conquering the Libertadores remain intact. And, at the same time, Gallardo will look for the blood in the eye to be one more tool to extract the metal and the necessary courage that allows its leader to get and say in Madrid with a clear message: "Boca, Boca, Boca that's the approach. "

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