So it improves with Android 9 Pie


After a long wait we can finally install Android 9 Pie Beta on the Samsung Galaxy S 9. Surely you already know the advantages of the latest version of the operating system of Google (improvements in stability, more battery life, improvement in the Interface …), but we have taken a great surprise:Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Bring some very interesting improvements after upgrading to Android 9 Pie.

And, as shown by the companions of Sammobile, the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera, after the corresponding update to the beta of Android 9p, brings two new features: Scene Optimization and Failure Detection.

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We are talking about two tools that are currently available in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and some mid-range devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy A9, and that we can now enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen

This is how the new features of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 camera work

During our analysis of Samsung Galaxy S9 we made it clear that the photographic section is one of the great strengths of this device, especially for its variable opening system, so the two new features will further enhance the photographs we make with the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.

As for the Scene Optimization, To say that there is a function that is able to adjust the artificial intelligence of the device by automatically adjusting the color and tonal settings in the scene that we want to capture.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera interface

For this he is able to understand 20 different types of landscapes Offering more realistic and natural captures. Not like these results? Quiet, because by the settings of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 camera you can disable this option.

The other functionality, which does not really matter, is that Failure detection mode. In this case we must activate it in the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera configuration and it will help us to know if the photo we made is correct or has a fault.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera interface

In this way, if the captured image comes with a lot of noise, if we have blinked at the worst moment or if our pals is different and we have made a blurred photograph, the device will warn us to make another catch.

This functionality is also capable Detect spots on the camera And tell us about it, it's very helpful if we make a mistake when you try to unlock the phone using the fingerprint reader located under the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Finally we mention that now you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 at a scandal price on Amazon: € 509. Have a good look at the characteristics of this powerful device.


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