Silvia D 'Ouro's staff against Jorge Rial: "On what channel …!"

Silvia D 'Ouro And George Rial separated seven years ago, since they have no left and we could even say that they hate each other. Though they try to avoid talks about each other, from time to time, they get off and they throw themselves in full controversial feedback. As this time …

The ex-wife of the intruder driver, Posted by Twitter account, a tweet from another user who said: "I do not watch that channel (for America), Silvia and much less because you already know who.I do not name him because they tell me he has accounts Closed, the old slob. " The media He retweeted the message and added, "There is nothing to see on that channel!" There he added a drug that is vomiting.

It is remembered that, some time ago, when the news of the pregnancy of Morena Jorge was asked, they asked him if D Auro I helped your daughter. In those moments, the journalist was revealed in fury and commented: "Morena's mother, if you participate, where I do not understand … He left and left eight years ago, he did not participate in anything, Not in the operations or … in something he shares, let me do not want to talk about it. "

On the other hand, Silvia, I mentioned earlier, "I do not speak to Jorge now, when I called him, when Morena's mess with Loly was in a bowling alley, I told him what happened with the girl, I did not call him To talk about the divorce, he insulted me, hanged me, and contacted his lawyer, and then called me and asked what you did … If I do not accept an apology, I would not apply anything I learned this last Time they got mad at me, but that's it Teak is very great and thanks to which I grew up. I'm already forgiven and he does what he wants. "

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