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Shenmue 3 does not complete half of the story of Rio Hazuki


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Shenmue III

With more and less, the launch of Shenmue III seems assured. Fans have been waiting for this delivery for a long time, although it seems that they want to enjoy it History of Rio Hazuki In full, it will be necessary to wait even longer.

The US There. Gamer gate Asked To the director of the game, Yu Suzuki, if the match 3 ends the adventures of Hazuki. In response, the creative took a bottle of water and half or half more. But I thought a little better and clarified with the help of a translator who We only reach 40% Of which Hazuki has to offer.

Shape 3 has difficulty with delivery times and technical details, so it will be necessary to cross your fingers so that the remaining 60% will not be so many problems. If there is no more setback, the game will be available on November 19 on PS4 and PC by Epic Games Store. Betting on the store last minute has angered the fans, although it is a temporary exclusive land for steam next year.

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