SES 2019: What will be the technological innovations of the year?


Devices that use various forms of artificial intelligence will again be an important attraction The Consumer Electronics Fair (CES, for its acronym in English)Which will take place from 8-11 January.

Standard, off-the-art televisions, "emotional" robots, and a multitude of voice-activated devices will attract visitors, who also expect potential developments on folding screens.

This gigantic show – 4,500 exhibitors spread Over more than 250,000 square meters in Las Vegas – taking place in a separate climate after a series of scandals and controversies, especially on the management of personal data, which has damaged the image of giants technology. And consumer confidence.

"I think 2019 will be a year of technology-related challenges," said Bob Oudonnell, a technical research analyst. The thousands of objects to be presented in the SES are at the heart of the protection of personal information: they collect user data, for example, anticipate their tasting in music (smart speaker) or decide if they need medical attention (bracelets) Of health).

This ecosystem is built upon the basis of data, At a time when user trust is affected by the Scandals involve Facebook, Google and other platforms.

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"The public is cautious about the latest events," said Roger Kay, an analyst and consultant with Endpoint Technologies Associates. "I think the industry will be held back by this skepticism."

Therefore, companies that present the products that need to ensure the digital life of users, can provide special message this year, such as devices that encode data or abstract the microphones of the connected speakers.

Facial recognition, by the latest iPhone models, should also be found in many devices, such as cars and mirrors.

The automotive sector will once again have a major presence in CES, with the majority of the major manufacturers presenting some autonomous vehicle prototypes. Consumer Technology Association (CAA), the organizer of the SES, confirmed that punishable tariffs and tents between the two economic powers – and technology leaders – in the United States and China are damaging the sector.

According to the calculations by the CTA, customs tariffs on technological products have risen more than seven times a year, reaching 1300 million dollars in October. The sector also pays 122 million more for imports related to the 5th, the new generation of mobile Internet that is expected to boost technological innovation.

These tensions are even more burdensome for this sector because it is in China. There. Companies produce most of their products. And this country is also one of its major markets.

For Bob's Audience, "People are worried that taxes will lead to price increases" that "is about SES."

Like many of her colleagues, Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies, doesn't expect revolutionary products in Las Vegas.

"The big changes that will fundamentally change many sectors are changes over several years," he said, arguing that technology is in a transitional period.

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