SES 2019: What We Hope To See In The Biggest Technology Occurring In The World – 05/01/2019


Once again, the city of Las Vegas This is the epicenter of these International Fair of Consumer Electronics, Or CES 2019 ("Consumer Electronics Show"), which starts next Tuesday. Between TVs with transparent panels, flexible cell phones, connectivity 5 g And the privacy of "All connected"This news will try to add spice to an event that mixes technology of all kinds, which often leaves Little taste And where the big brands They measure their strength.

One of the most excellent products of this edition of the SES will be – when not – the TelevisionThere are some brands that have made models with transparent panels and screens with higher quality than the current market. With the 8K in sight, when the 4K is still unfiltered.

Last year, a roll-up TV model was presented as if it were a card. Now we hope to see it.

In cell phones, though Flexible screen Samsung is one of the novelties announced last year, generating expectations, the departure date for departure is March. With that, we could remain idle if we tried to try this new range in Las Vegas. Except that we should understand a little better What does he need to answer?.

Here, one by one, things that could be revolutionized. Or, as in many cases, we are prototyping that never reaches the final consumer.

TV and Monitors: Bread of each SES

Always bigger, With (still) better definition, brightness, contrast and more pixels. Televisions are the main protagonists of the SES and 2019 is not the exception.

LG already announced that there will be new models with processors Alpha 9 Second generation, able to improve image scaling, motion and micro-detailing. But without a doubt, the Korean company took his fort Rollable OLED.

Think oled 8k, with alpha 9 processor (dpa)

Think oled 8k, with alpha 9 processor (dpa)

Another great innovation from LG will be these CineBeam Laser 4K, A powerful projector that was presented in December and which has behind HD images in distances of 18 cm. The attention of the gamers, on the other hand, will be in the new monitors: the ultrasound would be wide, 49 inches, With refresh rate of 144 Hz.

LG's Cinebeam

LG's Cinebeam

The screen resolution will revolve around it 8k, The technology that should happen to the current 4K TVs, even when they do not even stop mass consumption.

But not just LG live screens. Samsung can participate in this area after a long time: 2019 Frame and Serif TV. These are two products that have a design aspect to disguise their TV status and resemble a picture or ornament. With the typical QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode: better contrast, more brightness and amplitude of colors) from the Korean company.

The 2019 Frame It incorporates a lighting sensor so that the brightness can be adjusted to match the room. Another element he tries to introduce more than one Decorative object Like a household appliance.

The 2019 Samsung Frame

The 2019 Samsung Frame

There are also rumors of a TV made by Amazon, With integrated echo, the interactive means to play music and execute voice commands that responds to the name of Alexa.

Finally, more could be seen Transparent screensWith a utility that's hard for the average viewer to understand, but that's not alien to the intrigue of a technology that today is more like a movie. Panasonic LG has been supplied with products that have been seen in SES since two years ago.

The Flexible Cell Phone Screen: Will It Be Now?

So far this technology has been developed by Chinese Royole Under the name of FlexPai. But the device did not massify.

Royole's FlexPai: a phone that doubles

Royole's FlexPai: a phone that doubles

Samsung is airtight about the CES 2019 about its Flexible screens. Presented in November of last year, they called the attention of the entire market not so much for its usefulness, but for the novelty of a display that can be Bend without breaking.

The official lunch date is March, which discourages the chances of seeing, touching and testing the new technology in Las Vegas. Especially considering that at the end of February Mobile World Congress In Barcelona, ​​where all the mobile phone news is presented. There are more chances that the South Korean company will release it.

But that doesn't mean we won't see anything: LG Also working on a flexible screen device and we could have news now. Especially when you take into account that they have already been the roller screen.

Amongst rumors and versions, however, this is perhaps the most controversial point of the SES: it is the most striking massive concept of new technologies, but of which less certificates are held, especially in terms of their usefulness.

The excel cellphone from LG

The CLOi SuitBot They're not something new: a kind of exoskeleton that fits around the waist and legs to help in physical efforts. Now LG will introduce a new line of robots, PorterBot, ServeBot And Cartbot, with Artificial intelligence It will also provide information on the most effective ways to save energy and invest well.

This support waist and increase muscle power so that, for example, lifting and lowering heavy objects is easier.

Cloi SuiteBot by LG

Cloi SuiteBot by LG

Another feature is to transfer luggage or help customers in supermarkets and shopping centers to make large purchases.

5 (and 6?) G: the connectivity that comes with the autonomous cars

Mobile Internet Connectivity is key to the technologies that come. Cell phones are usually thought out, but there are also cases Autonomous Cars –Another of the stars is always present at CES – for example, who need a lot of mobile data to consume.

This is what the 5G connectivity is focused on Huge amount of information This type of vehicle needs to process.

As for mobile phones, everything points to Sony presenting the phone Xperia 5G. The Japanese would hit Samsung, which would later bring this technology to the S10.

The 5G will be key for the next home and mobile technologies. (Bloomberg)

The 5G will be key for the next home and mobile technologies. (Bloomberg)

There will be a conference on 6 g, Which generates intrigue and expectations: "The first quantum systems will be available in 10 years, but there are already prototypes: 6g will use this technology to make certain information," explains Cisco and Axios, two of the companies involved.

Too much ahead of the average user, and even more so in Argentina where the average connection is bad.

Smart kittens? Smart beer

In the white line, the smart integration of household appliances goes further. LG will present a new line of Dishwasher, refrigerators and kitchens. Automatically make preparations and recipes at that point.

Amazon evaluation may be integrated into the microwave and other kitchen equipment.

It points to the inter-connectivity between the two: the kitchen "knows" what is available in the fridge is not a bad idea to recommend which menu at night.

But one of those pearls is Happiness of "Nespresso" beer, Which will work with capsules: d LG HomeBrew. It will have to be tested, even if the row is two blocks long.

LG HomeBrew: To Make Beer. (LG)

LG HomeBrew: To Make Beer. (LG)

Intel, AMD and NVIDIA: between computers and tablets

Intel, the world's leading microprocessor manufacturer, would be preparing the presentation of its new products with ten cores: Comet Lake.

AMD only announced that it would be the "next generation" of products, which does not say much. It is expected to present new architectures Zen 2 And Navy In CPUs and GPUs.

Brian Krzinich, Intel CEO, last year in SES. (Bloomberg)

Brian Krzinich, Intel CEO, last year in SES. (Bloomberg)

For its part, Nvidia introduced last year its new series of video cards for high performance tasks in content creation and, of course, gaming. It happens that the RTXs are Very expensive And, for this reason, it may represent its mid-range: RTX 2070 and 2070 Max-K And those 2060 T. And 2050.

No less detail if we think Argentina has achieved the GPSs Between 50 and 80,000 pesos.

The processor, key in the VR. (AP)

The processor, key in the VR. (AP)

So, a new edition of the SES will try to table the technology-wide discussions on mass consumption technology in 2019, without losing sight of one final issue for nothing less: The security of the data user He will also be in the center of the scene.

The more the "Internet of Things" progresses, the more it exposes the system to the use of personal data as well as those used by "speakers" to the user with their tastes, preferences and, above all, details of privacy.

Although no doubt some companies will hold ads to get more attention in exclusive presentations, the characters will be put on the table in the More than 250 conferences What will be among them 4,500 exhibitors Who will explain their new ideas.

It is only to see the days that will be the one that stands above the rest, or if it is, almost as always, one more SES.

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