Sampoli, inconvenient at Santos – Tic sport


A month after his arrival at Santos, coach Jorge Sampaoli is dissatisfied with the financial situation of the club, something that is not clear at the time of signing his signature in Brazil or at least could not have advised in the best way, and Lack of reinforcements.

"As to whether I was aware of the club's financial situation, the truth is that it wasn't clear that I was coming to a club, which gave me the opportunity of a large team that is about to fight a lot. Of situations throughout the year "Sampoli told a press conference.

For his part, the native of Casilda, who brought his interest in Nicolas Blondie, the president was the leader of the issue of Gabriel Barbosa and Rodrigo. "Knowing that all the players are leaving and knowing that a new style of coaching is coming, we have to join the team with new players." This was discussed at the meeting and the director's promise to consider that fact was discussed. Happen, "he slipped.

And he said: "I do not speak of administrative situations, if they told me that the club is not good, maybe I … what we are talking about is impossible … The situation is different. I have the illusion That will happen. "

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