Sale of 0 km: In November it fell 46% and is the sixth consecutive month in low

The sale of vehicles of zero km has fallen into its collapse November and fell 45.9%. They are 39 565 punched units Compared to 73 145 of the same month of 2017, reported the Association of Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Akara).

It is the Six consecutive month in low After October (-38.5%), September (-34.7%), August (-25.2%), July (-17.4%) and June (-18.2%).

It is explained by the strong Price increase From the 0 km, the Devaluation, The Inflation And those High rates That complicate financing. In October (last available date), the latter fell 45% year-on-year.

In the accumulated The first eleven months of 2018 A total of 774 571 kilometers are sold, a 9.2% off As in the same period of 2017, when they were 853,413.

On the other hand, compared to 48 571 units in October this year, the November registrations meant Recapture from 18.5%.

"This year is very Complex and changing. It will throw a level of patenting Close to 800,000 units. The expectation is now placed on the activity that Beginning of 2019"Said the president of Akara, Dante Álvarez.

In this sector nobody talks about this Optimistic forecasts At the beginning of the year, when a million registered units were predicted. According to a survey On cars Among the major automobile manufacturers in the country, 2018 will be close Between 770 and 800,000 cars sold.

Next year, the same brands count Will start at low, And grow from these Second half. Estimate Between 600 and 700,000 patenting For everything 2019.

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