Rodrigo Eguillor: What is the result of psychiatric expertise – 05/12/2018

The director of the hospital Santaramina de Monte Grande, Gabrielle IV, told Clarin That Rodrigo Eguillor "is located in time and space". He is the 24-year-old former public relations people reported by a 22-year-old girl for sexual abuse. The report, this Wednesday, has been sent to the prosecutor's office. "It does not require an admission," added. Thus, the psychiatric "Alibi" falls.

In so much, the lawyer Fernando Burlando would have accepted the representation of the girl from Ituzaingu to whom in a video recorded by a friend, one sees it trying to escape from him from the balcony of the San Telmo III Department, Tried to have sexual relations to force it with you without using a condom.

"This is a Initial evaluation From the team it seems that he is aware of what he says, "says the director, something that, in procedural conditions, It enables you to explain.

Ivy said that Eviloror "does not have a pathology that can not be treated on an API patient", which is in the sheets of the report on his psyche Yes you get a pathology, Although this type of hospital does not require hospitalization.

The first public relations officer is a hospital on Tuesday night. He remained in an area of ​​isolation and, although asked for some time, did not let him go out to smoke.

During the early morning, he told, "He shows the drawing of blood, but then he agreed." To those who believed that the eulailor attitude was a stinging to the cameras, the doctor clarified that "it looked like histrionic. He was very stubborn, I said, and you took your attention, "said the doctor, who could not confirm whether ailila was against a nurse and a policeman, as it hit.

The team of specialists arrived at 8.30 in the morning to conduct the interviews. He was a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a social worker. They complete after 11 and, 40 minutes later, the report came to the director who signed it.

During his stay at the hospital, Eggiller "did not get medication, because it is not necessary". With his closed-in Instagram account, all made the two live releases against the accusations of abuse – the director stressed that "he is not with his mobile phone."

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