Rodolfo OnoFrio made a special request to Mauricio Makry – 01/18/2019


He has announced it last year. And on Friday he confirmed it. The desire of Rodolfo ONOFRIO is that the River has a new stadium. And even more to install it, the Chickane is not saved to Mauritius Makry. "To make a new stadium, the first thing you have to do is land, you can buy it, we've been talking about it. I hope the President of the Nation takes a little bit of Boka's shirt and sell us the land", Jokingly, the owner of the Nññez club interviews with CNN's journalist Marcelo Longobardi," explains.

In the same talk, "Onofrio explains to the public where these lands are located." "They are on the river, about 600 meters from where the monumental is, there are three clubs in this area, rugby and naval clubs, and behind it, the federal tire will walk. River," said the president of the Nññez institution. .

Anyway, onofrio clarified that This topic will be taken to the Assembly of Partners, and there will be those who determine the destinations of the monumental. "It is one project to remodel the stadium, and the other is to make a new one, but for the new stadium we need land, and we have already asked for the country of the National President, I even got him two. Times met on this issue and I also did it with the authorities of the City of Buenos Aires, "said President of the River. According to the calculations they made at the club, A new stadium would cost 330 million dollars.

Clarin I had anticipated last year that the project was in his hands to create a new domain. The idea is to catch up A new stadium with capacity for more than 80,000 people And that it has all the requirements of FIFA to host a World Cup. That is: a thousand print positions and a multimedia center, 208 boxes (with 2000 locations), 1600 places for VIP areas and parking for 3000 vehicles, among other amenities.

The financing should be made by soft loans, long-term loans and by external investors. Also pre-sale boxes NamingThis means financing by a company that will then have the right to place its brand in the name of the stadium.

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