Rockstar will improve the Red Dead Online economy

If you have the beta of playing Red Dead Online, The multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, You have probably noticed that your economy is not quite well balanced. Fortunately, Rockstar Games is pending comments, so it is already working on improving that section.

By a Twitter post, Rockstar Games posted a message in which they informed their community that they had paid attention to their comments. In fact, he assured that the opinion of the players will be key to make the latest experience Red Dead online. As a template, he showed that he was working on improving the economy of the game, one of the most crucial importance.

"Our current focus areas include the game economy, which will require original balancing to ensure that all activities are properly rewarded and fun," Rockstar Games explained.

Later, the company explains that it is also focused on polishing other sections of Red Dead online. For example, eliminate the bugs that cause some players to explore the games without explanation. Finally, he said that next week will have more news about him.

"The game has been developed so we can make adjustments as quickly as possible and plan to update for the next week.The comments of the community were invaluable and we will continue to keep you updated about the progress of things .We hope you keep playing and enjoying[[[[Red Dead online]And please continue to send your feedback, "he concluded.

What do you think? What else do you think should be improved Red Dead online? Tell us in the comments.

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Follow this link to see more information about it.

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