Rockstar does not guarantee the level of progress in the beta of Red Dead Online


Rockstar does not guarantee straightforward progress in the beta of Red Dead onlineNot all is happy for those who enjoy the luxury package Red Dead Redemption 2, Because one of its advantages was the early access to the beta Red Dead online And although they can already play it, it is likely that their progress will not be reflected in the latest version.

Rockstar He waited for the possibility in his page, but he assured them that they would do the right thing to maintain the data of those games that were performed in the online beta and that only in the case of serious problems was that they would have to take That measurement.

"We hope that all the progress made by the players in the early stage of the beta can remain intact in the long run, but as with many large-scale online experience, betas, as always, there is always a possibility that We need to delete the ranges or other statistics in case of problems.

It sounds bad but do not forget that this is what the beta versions are about and although it can be frustrating for those who invest all their time from the beginning, it is better that something like this can now and not when the game is in its Last stage, as happened with another game that drives Bethesda crazy.

Hopsfully there are no changes or what we have been doing for a few days here will go to Limbo.

Source: Rockstar Games

By: Gamebolt

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