Risk groups have been anti-flu


The new shift system originated long queues yesterday at the Roca hospital

The new flu vaccine package has been distributed to Río Negro hospitals, the Provincial Government reported yesterday, among patients claiming it was falling.

In any case, despite the official information provided by the Ministry of Health, in the Roca hospital, they are only able to vaccinate the population at risk yesterday and not all those who approached them.

With the distribution of the second round of influenza, which began in April, all of the public and private health personnel of the province, started to flourish in April.

Finally, 5,831 vaccines are allocated.

The Anti-Flu is part of the National Vaccination Calendar. It is free, compulsory and must be applied every year to those who make up the risk groups.

Children aged 6-24 months should receive two separate doses for fewer four weeks, reported by Provincial Health.

Río Negro's first 5,831 doses were launched in April and only became public and private healthcare staff, nursing students, pregnant women and children aged 6-24 months.

In the wake of the shortage, many people listed as a risk population waiting for the new package that entered yesterday.

Delhi Giordanella, director of the Dapa (Department of Programmed Area Activities) of the Lota-Lima Hospital, said that next week, the Camaraña of the anti-flu will be fully developed.

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