"Repentance is very expensive"

Monday, December 3, 2018

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands gave an exclusive interview to the Dialogue with Longobardi where she spoke of financial inclusion to eradicate poverty, the empowerment of women and the situation of the country that saw it born.

Quinn Maxima from the Netherlands, which is a special advisor to the UN. Secretary General on Financial Inclusion for Development, given an exclusive interview to the program that Marcelo Longobardi creates on the CNN signal.

In Dialogue with Longobardi, Zorreguieta revealed that "since he was 14 years old" he wanted to be an economist because he believes it is "important to help people get into an economy."

"I think there are three very important groups in which we have to work especially, which is the whole rural and agricultural part, gender of women, and everything that is SMEs, which are the most important work generators in the world, today in the Netherlands also the innovators of innovation, "said the lawyer of the United Nations organization.

"In many places of the world, not only in Argentina, we have noticed that if a person of fewer resources has to pay a loan he pays more expensive than what a higher income person would pay," Máxima relates to the "Poverty is very expensive."

"The G20 left a better profile and optimism Macri in the markets"

"That in credit, when you need to make a savings is usually eaten by inflation or saved on animals, if there is a lack of rainfall," argued the Queen of Holland adding: "I hope the economic situation is more favorable , That we can really increase financial inclusion in the next three years, I think there is a lot of potential. "

Regarding the situation in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, Máxima estimates that in the area "inflation is the number one disincentive to save", and noted that Latin America has "a 12% formal saving which is less than half than that of developed Countries. "

"Regulatory changes are very important in Argentina," said the Queen of the Netherlands, adding: "Financial inclusion can not be done without a stable monetary framework."

Finally, Zarregueta spoke against the inequality of women and explains how she works to indulge in "We put a lot of stress on women because globally we have a gap between 7% and 9%." We have to work on how to help They establish their businesses, have more ambitions for growth, that banks believe them more because they are better payers, they are much more loyal. "

"The main title of the G20 is that the top did not explode"

In Dialogue with Longobardi, it is broadcast every Sunday on the CNN signal in Spanish.

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