Reconstructive face of a dead woman 4,250 years ago | Chronicle

A DNA analysis of found remains, including the skull and some teeth, in 2016 in which Scotland, United Kingdom, were able to determine that they belong to a young woman of about 18 who would have dark skin and hair and died 4,250 years

His remains were discovered in the town of Achanchich in 1987 to reproduce a detailed picture of both women of the Bronze Age and his life. In fact, they showed that she was the daughter of immigrants from Continental Europe, the newspaper reported. Daily Mail.

Maya Hoole, The lead author of the study published in the Society for Anticarcacy of Scotland, said that the aspect of "Avi" is similar to that of many people living in southern Europe.

Thus, specialists believe that lactose intolerant person has a Mediterranean appearance: brown eyes, black hair and olive skin.

Research from scientists at the Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts, United States) and the Natural History Museum in London indicates that'AvA & # 39; Overcrowding some illness in her youth and that the fact that she was buried with a cow suggests that belongs to a community of farmers.

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