Racing has another great news, beyond the renewal of Lisandro Lopez – 04/12/2018

Lisandro Lopez takes all the lights in the race more pointer than ever, the main candidate to stay with the SuperLiga. And it's not bad that this is the case: Licha, With 35 years, passes one of the best moments of his career and attracts 11 goals in the tournament (he is one of the gosscors Emmanuel Giglotti). Something else: this Wednesday at noon Will sign the renewal From the contract until July 2020. But racing did not take advantage of the Attiki Tukuman Persu 5 points only because of the great offensive power of the forwards, but the cast of Eduardo Codet is made Strong in defense. And in that key sector a central pair stands out that ChaCho Recaptured for the end of this year: Sigali-Donatti.

Leonardo Segali and Alejandro Donatti They are strengthened together. It was the one who chose this one ChaCho In January of this year, when Lucas Orban did not recover from a chronic injury. In that first semester, Seigli and Donati played 13 matches as a couple: they won 8, tied 3 and lost 2; With 29 goals in favor and 13 against. Statistics like, does not stop it: at that time, Segly scored 3 goals and Donatti 4.

The Injuries They complicate Donati in the second semester: first he suffered a distinction in the psoas of the lower left limb and then tear into the right femoral bileps. Lucas Orban stayed with this post. But on the 12th day against gymnastics the ChaCho He wins again on Seagli and Donati: It was a 3-0 victory. Then the tie came to zero with Bonnfield and the 3-1 victory against Tallerese in Cordoba. The weight: 3 played, 2 won and one tide; 6 goals in favor and one against.

The final numbers of the Cigali-Donatto Duo as a starter They impact, Since they got 71 percent of the points in dispute: they played 16 games, they won 10, they tied 4 and they lost 2 (2-1 against Union in Santa Fe and 2-0 against River in the Cylinder).

"When I got injured, it hit me Support To the group of. Now that I should be inside, I do it from my place. We work well in the week, and that is reflected in this field. I hope to continue with it, "explains Donatti after the triumph against Taller, adding:" We achieved a very important victory, in a difficult place. We played very well, we were smart. Everyone's level was great. "

On the other hand, racing did not have time for these Relaxation: He arrived at the Cordoba Tuesday, trying to think about the game against San Martin de San Juan, initially scheduled for Sunday night, although the academic leader and They asked for the change for Saturday. Motive? The presumed celebration of the winner of the Copa Libertadores.

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