Police believe that missing Israeli tourists could be killed and buried in the son of one of them


Search for the Israeli sister Pyrhia Sarusi (63 years old) and Lily Pergé (54) disappearing in Mendoza during their vacation took a dramatic turn. By order of the prosecutor Claudia Ríos Investigating the case, the Regineal police raided the house on Friday Nicolás Gil Pereg, The son of Pyrhia Sussi. The security forces entered the property with shovels, dogs and generators.

The case began to break out in the morning of last Wednesday, when the relatives of the women started crushing on social networks, requiring data to be found, five days without news about his whereabouts.

At the request of help they pointed out The last communication with them was the same day they were accused in the country, At 2:30 am in the morning. Then they lost contact.

Tourists -Win came on vacation- They arrived in Mendoza a week ago, on Friday the 11th. But Since then no one knows anything about them, except Nicolás Gil Pereg.

The man, 36 years old and Israeli nationalityExplained on Wednesday in the murder of the Prosecutor's Office – ordered to present the disappearance of people. He told the court that he was shared with his mother and aunt all day from Saturday 12th at home. From the Buena Nueva neighborhood, in the city of Guay template.

In the interrogation, The man said he had seen them last night, When he accompanied them to take the bus that would take them to the apartment they rentedLocated in a complex located on Calle España 1139, in the center of the city. According to his story, they are meeting the next day.

"We found the apartment, I went, I called the bell, no one answered, I yelled at the balcony and no one left and I left and came back on Monday and it was the same." The girl who cleaned me in the building, I hit the door and there was no one, the owner of the apartment and the police came and we found that no one is there, we do not know where they are, "gil Pergé said . Channel 9.

Before the cameras, the son is responsible for "women do not want to disappear, because they are responsible, intelligent and do not know anything here". And he launched his hypothesis: "For me someone forced them to do something they didn't want, some criminal or someone forced them and hooked them to do what they didn't want."

The property of GILL PEGAR covers an area of ​​3000 square meters, located at Cale Roca at 6,000, in front of the Guaymallen Cemetery. According to the newspaper The sun, In the space paddle courts that are now abandoned. In the house they found four weapons, all registered.

It also conveyed that Guillemot is the owner of five Mendoza companies, Created between 2011 and 2015 by his mother, Pirya SussiWho lives in Israel. These firms have their household in Guaymallén.

This man is an electronic engineer and has been based in the country since the end of 2007.

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