Pichetto After The Meeting With Lavagna: "Our duty is to build an alternative, be in the Baloteage and win the elections"


Just as the governor of Santa Fe has a few days ago, Michael Liefschitz, Angel Angel Pichetto Traveled from Buenos Aires to Carilo Especially to see Roberto Lavagna. The photo was vocalized before the Patagonian senator arrived But the AjóWhere I prepared an electoral lecture with neighbors of the state of the La Costa, under the shelter of a neighborhood club.

There, before 47 people who were listening to him and then sung the Peronist march a capella, Pichetto reproduced the concepts that he was launching as fuel for his intentions to play in October for the highest position, the presidency. But the picture with Lavagna opens up other questions. ¿This will be the formula of federal choice, The site that the senator shares with Sergio Massa And Won the Manuel urtubey, Among others? ¿The complete unity of Peronism is impossible After I asked Julio Zamora, Mayor of Tiger at Masa? Was the photo of Pichetto with the former Economy Minister Eduardo Donghde and Néstore Kirchner a kind of response to this expression?

"I have a smooth relationship with Roberto, not now but before, I had to be President of the Senate Block when he was Economy Minister at Argentina's worst moment, so I have great respect for him. Once we talked, we Came to talk, there was a talk about economic reality, the country, We are not talking about candidates", Explained, diplomat, Pichetto.

Back in brief, words with Infobea did not deny or confirm their candidacy. What did he say?

It is a very smart, intelligent man. And he's thinking of Argentina, great. In a vision of national unity that I share and I am unused just like him. It is not to reach a sectarian or secretary government, it is necessary to build state policies to uncover the discussion of structural reforms to put the country into growth, in development, so that employment is generated, many can be removed from poverty , From the design of poverty. I think those are the concerns that Lavagna has and I fully share. And the moment of definition will come.

– After the photo with a few devices already hinted that the formula could be Lavagna-Pichetto.

– No, we haven't talked about that at all. There is no definite formula and we will see how we solve it. Through dialogue and consensus by the alternate federal leaders, or by Paso. The site has a very high quality in human resources. There are young people like urtubiy, like Masa. He had people with experience, as in the case of Shiaretti, who was Cordoba's government, or in my case, and Roberto, who had the central experience of recovering Argentina and getting it going. In my case, I have a great parliamentary experience, I saw the big presidents of Argentina, and I was also in the performance when I was intending. The country also requires people with experience, with knowledge from the public. Let us change, beyond anything else with economic policy, it is also different, because it does not have an adequate knowledge of Public Management. There is a failure of the most structural.

-Does Peronism give guarantees?

Peronism is a party of government and power. And there is no Practice Linked to the government. In this case, Alternative Federal brings together experienced people who have been in very important roles, and we believe we can be an option to get the polarization, the crack, the land into a productive model of development. Operate the idea of ​​order, of security.

-What order and safety do you speak of?

– Any of the coolest order. When referring to citizen security, in order to become a valuable company-organized company, where anyone has no right to cut the street, to prevent another from circulating, to recover, to value that has to do with the fact that The law is valid and is for everyone

– But doesn't value believe you recover with inclusion and work, rather than order?

– Of course. The concept of order has to do with the essential order, with the recovery of the idea of ​​work being recovered, from the recovery of the worker as the true social theme par excellence. It is not the unemployed but the worker. When Peron talked to the people, the subject of Peronism was the worker. And safety is also a factor so people can live in peace and tranquility. And we must rebuild the security forces, reorganize the provincial police, to generate a doctrine and we must recover the armed forces to serve in the process of democracy to protect the territory.

-What does it say "recover"?

– They're gone.

Talking about Infobae And Pichetta joined a group of ten people to listen. A man with a blue gymnastics team, who had been talking to the senator twice, was interrupted by the answer one by one, one by one for the 47 men and another, later on.

"I ask you not to privatize the energy, please," the person complained.

– I take it into account, – Pichetto answered, very much.

– I ask you, do not privatize or outsource, because the Yankees are at the speed of light ahead of us and they know how bad they are going to do to us. We have energy links for 40 years.

– I'll take it into account, thank you very much.

– The other day, Alberta, in an interview with Infobae, explains his idea that the next Peronist government has to nationalize all resources.

– I have a modern capitalism vision, I'm not afraid of having public or private companies, but they have to be in the service of national development. Not everything needs to be done by the state. Many times the state in charge of companies completed melting. What is in the hands of the state should be effective, and that in the private sector must have an end to Argentina's development. The challenge is to build a national Empesarado that defines the interest of Argentina. Brazil said that, beyond mistakes. The United States also has the concept of a national bourgeoisie. It is fundamental.

– Do you think that the concept of the national bourgeoisie was blurred with the latest comeback government?

– It has implemented a great deal of this scheme of complaints, quickly gaining ground in national companies. I am not in favor of impunity, but it seems to me that there is a challenge ahead of the next government trying to preserve the companies. Separate directors who are committed but continue to do so. Otherwise, there is a risk of transnationalization. What I do not like is to deal with old concepts. The problem of the world is not the Washington Consensus or Neoliberalism or privatization. Today the world closes, does protectionism, takes care of its companies, takes care of its workers, controls immigration. There is a more selfish world. I don't like it very much, but this is the world we live in.

– Do you agree with the policy of protectionism?

-I agree to protect the Argentine industry in urban spaces because people lose their jobs when they despair. I don't agree with a system of free and cheerful imports that this government has, which has imported cheap Chinese textiles, pigs, footwear, metalworking. And it has ruined many factories with tariffs and without incentives. It is very difficult. I agree with that. The world is going to. When we see and analyze the American phenomenon, Trump says, "First, the United States, second American companies, third American workers." I think we should look closely at what will happen to Brazil. I think we have to work hard for the business integration with Brazil. We hope that the President consolidates the idea of ​​Mercosur with Balsonaro because together we can become a very important export factor. You can also go to a closed economy to live with us in the style of Aldo in the 60s. The world is integrated. But there are some things that you cannot open for everything, so please everyone. There are some things that you need to take care of because they have to do with urban work. It is happening now with the tax burden, with the tariff charges, which mean the demolition impact of credit, the lack of financing of SMEs.

– He spoke of Bolsono. Aren't you afraid of the social discount, especially against the minerals?

-Free doesn't give me. It can be an expansive effect, of course. In terms of security, there may be a case if drug cartels such as Commando Bermelho are running through the army, they may come to Argentina. Afterwards, my vision is totally different in order to minerals, to the extension of rights, of guarantees, I have voted in favor of the interruption of pregnancy, I voted for the right marriage, and I do not vain, but perhaps they are Been my best speeches

– Do you think that with the legalization of some drugs, trafficking drugs have fought?

– The truth is, I do not share it because the minor drug gives rise to the strongest medicine.

– But there is no scientific way …

-Well, I'm interested in it, but we've seen some experiences, even some interesting series. Marijuana can be evaluated or analyzed as a minor drug, but the next step is cocaine.

-The doctors say that the door of the door is usually the alcohol or the door of the house. DealerNot that there is one substance that leads to the other automatically.

-You are addiction. The problem is addiction. In general, it always comes from dissatisfaction, discomfort and, fundamentally, from the lack of a life project.

– They grab … To see, I respect honeybee, he's a great politician, very intelligent. But the notion of unity that they handle is a subordination to former president, it's not a personal issue, it's a stage fulfilled, with actors who repeat themselves, who say they have a WIFI similar to Chavismo, which makes them Sore even the former president himself. In the place I will not be.

The Mayor of Tigre, Julia Zamora, is very close to Sergio Masa, claiming a large confluence of Peronism.

– It is an individual expression, respectable, but I personally do not share it. Federal alternative we believe it needs its identity. If you don't have an identity … I'm not in the wind. As I do not say about the insolvency in the investigation phase or the preventive detention, because it cannot corpse, I also say no to the continuation of a project that is already 12 years old. And Peronism had to reform it, change it, work with new leaders to rebuild citizens' trust. I do not hate. In politics, you don't have to hate, it's stupid. What I do is from the point of view of different political analysis, which determines the unity of the unity, because it is good that the family is united, now in politics there is something else. You have to tell me where you go, which is the program. The one from La Campora? The strategic ideological leadership of Carlos Zannini?

– Are you ready to be interested in them?

I'm in another construction.

– Federal alternative and cellarism was the number of voters in search of government separately?

-All is relative. This is based on statistical data from the 2015 and 2017 surveys that cannot be ignored when analyzing the electoral process, where 35% would not vote for either of them, not Makri or Christina. Even when they build polarization because it is functional for both and the media play that game.

– Polarization suits Makri?

Yes If anything is clear to me after discounting four hours with Jaime Duran Barb, the government is interested in denial of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. No alternative that may be an option for the government. If they can stratify the past, they will play with corruption, the cards are already on the table.

"Masa didn't call him after the meeting with Lavagna? Did you probably go to the photo?

– We talked a while ago. It's traveling in Mendoza. We have appreciated that he has known him for a long time. The secret is that we are all walking. Politics is made with people.

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