Photos you post on Instagram can help prevent the flu

If you look at this site Best country in the world, Maybe you should aim Finland. In the last century Happiness Report, the United Nations (U.S.) has made a positive contribution to the nation as its gross domestic product, the low level of corruption, the quality of life of its inhabitants, and life expectancy.

Now we learn about interesting advances in their well-defined policies. Did you know that Finish researchers analyze trends in social networks to prevent misconduct In the population?

Hashtags to fight the flu

Specialists in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tampere University, in Finland, Discovered Corellelations between the information that appeared on Instagram and the Flu Outbire In the country with about 5 million inhabitants.

"This study demonstrates how social networks, and special shared photographs, can be a valuable source of information," the researchers say.

In collaboration with a company of Software, Crossed data provided by the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare, with more than one 20,000 publications in the social network.

The analyzed articles are published from 2012 until 2018. Of course, they limit their view to content uploaded by users in Finland. In the report explain that they have done general information and never personal data.

"This study shows how social networks, and special shared photographs, can be a valuable source of information for the field of Infodemology," experts say.

The Infomediaology Is a new branch of knowledge that is based In the analysis of events at the same moment they happen, Or in advance, based on the information available on the Internet.

The Finnish researchers explain that they study highlights on Instagram with the flu, and also photographs. For example, They examined the presence of boxes with medicines and bottles of pills in the pictures. The system is trained to detect different medications.

After crossing the data taken from the social network with the official information, they discovered a Direct relationship between "flu protection" with subsequent outbreaks of the disease.

The conclusion? A thorough examination of the nature of people on the Internet can help improve sound policies. Things that happen in the first world.

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