Pelado Lpez surprised me with a statement: the Sofa wrote me and it was very

Guillermo Lpez He has to work recently. The intervention was programmed for a long time, but it was postponed until there was no other surgery, and it could not wait until summer. In an interview for Confrontados, The driver He told about his health and he missed some unexpected and unexpected information.

At first he talked about his health problem: he had a urinary disguise in the lower area, a delicate area and he had to do it. Then he explained what he was left, and I waited so long for the intervention: now I'm funny, but I never had a surgery and had a dad. It is a tragic situation for those who never went through such a situation, he said.

Then he is very grateful to his partner, Nella Gorghor, who accompanied him all the time. It's a person's love. The first two weeks were literally 24 hours a nurse. I behave well as a patient, but she has an important patience, The peeling In addition, given the area during, he was to go away: there are patent plans. I took the opportunity to ask, and they told me that my material was excellent.

And finally, he dropped the bomb and it was revealed that his ex-partner Sofa Jimz had him a message. Sofa wrote to me and was very curious in her message. It is well received and the truth does not expect less of you, confess. The truth is that after so many years together, and having ended their relationship in such good terms, The first CCC And the model has a good link away from friction and fights.

In addition, it should be noted that Jujuy has recently been photographed with Juan March del Potro in a porto bowling alley. The Morochan Nair: "I went with him and his friends, I felt like with my friends of Juji, because they are relaxed people, from a city." He took me to my house and there, a gentleman, and no, he did not enter my house. It's been about 5 in the morning, and then, he's dressed up to know each other better, but until now, no more details of this new romance are known.

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