Part of my uncle: for fear of devaluation, a retiree took $ 130,000 from the bank and was robbed – 05/01/2019


Again, the "uncle's story", a form of theft associated with a victim of the victim, resigned as a recipient. The scammers They preach his son"They convinced you to get money from the bank telling you that there was a strong economic devaluation in the country and they wanted to flee, but they were caught by the police.

It was in Buenos Aires city of Salto, where a woman of 85 years Was scraped by two scammers to remove $ 130,000 and $ 1,000 from the bank. To convince you, they remained in the context of the crisis and economic uncertainty that the country is going through, and they assured you that There is going to be a devaluation.

The people were struck with money and escape, but within hours they were arrested in Chakabuco, a few kilometers from where the victim lives.

Police sources reported that they are two people aged 33 and 42 and now They are present if they already made other similar deceptions To fake more people in the area.

It all started when the victim received a call Someone who claimed to be his son And he asked him to withdraw his savings from the bank because the devaluation would soon occur and the money would be in danger.

The woman believed him and the "false son" asked him to give money to a friend who was Waiting outside his house in a car next to another person.

The retired woman, confident, climbed into the car and took her to the bank, from where she took the money. When the "perfect scam" was too close, a nasty event twisted the story. After leaving the branch, the woman found The son of a neighborWho told him what was happening and then climbed back into the vehicle.

Like The maneuver was suspiciousThe man communicated with his mother, told him the situation, and then called the police. They quickly installed an operation in the area to find suspects.

Members of the Salto Communal Police Station Analysis portrayed different security cameras and verified that the thieves, after leaving the victim at home, They participated in a state palace through the provincial route 191 In the direction of Chakabuco.

With the two people appointed by the patent machine, IDF Junin personnel who are already investigating cases of scams allegedly led by the same people, joined the operation and found the machine. After several kilometers, they intercepted them at the junction of route 191 and provincial route 30.

In the end, the troops together with the staff of the Communal Police Station and the Chakabuco Rural Prevention Command, seized the car and money that just robbed the woman, in addition to another $ 33,000 to investigate if they were the product of other scams and deceptions Similar that have been reported in the area.

Source: agencies.

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