Panic for Galaxy Hit That Will End Life On Earth | Chronicle


A study led by the University of Durham, UK, revealed that a galaxy was approaching the Milky Way, the collision would end up on the ground and the impact of the impact would awaken a black hole.

The great Magellanic Cloud, one of the satellite galaxies that the orbit around the Milky Way, would collide with it.

Scientists determined that satellite had nearly twice as much darkness as expected and foresaw that it would affect our galaxy within 2 billion years. Previously, it would be believed that a similar phenomenon would occur within eight million years.

The main author of the study, Marius CautunExplain that the collision of the Great Magellanic Cloud with the Milky Way, "It would unleash a black hole that would turn our galaxy into an active galaxy."

He added: "The phenomenon will generate high energy radiation, the black hole will destroy the circulating gas, increase its size and push the solar system out of the Milky Way."

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