Pampita Ardohain became angry with Radrid Lussik when he unveiled his new romance – 11/29/2018


You could say that Carolina Pampita Ardohain (40) At this time, the most coveted guy from the local show and, of course, candidates do not miss.

However, a sound about his love life that spreads in the last days Angered the model, Which has not long ago turned to social networks to deny it affaire In question and make the matter clear.

It all started with a "bomb" of Rodrigo Lussich (45) "Pampita and a night of love that will admit or not admit Because it's hiding and they're a girl … It has to do with sexual sex. I do not know if they remained in something, they repeated, or if it could be anything else, "the journalist and driver of Confronted (The No, at 15).

And finally, he showed: "There is still a meeting (Juan) Peak Monaco, From boyfriend; Still (Pablo) Polio Pieres, From Amigovio, Night of passion between Pampita and the rising actor, Gallant, further protagonist of Sugar Instead of (Nicolás) Cabré, Vico D Alessandro"

Victorio D Alessandro. (Movilpress)

Victorio D Alessandro. (Movilpress)

In addition to releasing the rumors about it, Lussiq recalled a bit forgotten by the actor and had a stick to the TV Net TV. "He is the ex Sol Pérez… casual meeting Connect and go We already said that Pampita is veteran, 40, and he 34 … "he added.

And closed: "Friends of him They say that he has arrived in the bed of the most wanted woman in Argentina, That today is one ".

Having said that, the driver of Intimate pumping (Net TV) took a note from Lussik talking about the sound to explain the many. "Rather lie! Let that of 'Sugar' Do not press anything with anything else and do not hang on me! Debate journalists give them something to do without checking it. I do not know him!", Assured the model.

The tweet from Pampita denies the affair with Alessandro.

The tweet from Pampita denies the affair with Alessandro.

But the journalist came to the crossroads: "Your denial gives me a fear … You went on to beat your crises with (Benjamín) Vikuña, you had a celebration of 10 years of journalist coverage and a month later you were screaming in a motorhome … and separated! Pity is also lying! Kisses"He ordered.

And he closed: "apart from putting this Sugar In this MMMMM … Why is this conclusion? Mmmm … and also, Is your Ex Pico not a friend of Viko? Have you ever met him? Anyway. All funny. "

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