Pablo Pezez: "I will go to a club which has been insisting for a long time" – 01/01/2015


Pablo Pezez is careful. Not as Ariel Holan, who said, "Pablo Peesez is an independent player," he stated that his agent is "details" of his contract and that he prefers to talk about his future when presented. The truth is, he just left a medical center in Recoleta, where he was given a medical examination.

"I came to do these studies So the loose people stay calm when I'm fine"Clarifies (uncomfortable) before the questions of journalists waiting at the door of the room.

Speaking of his departure from Boka a few months ago, he got more strength when the Guillermo Barros team lost Shelotto to Copa Libertadores against River. This week, finally, the agreement between the clubs has been confirmed.

"The leaders agreed, but there were a few left over. My agent will solve it: some details are missing, "he explained.

What the player who emerged at Newell's did not deny He spoke with Arian Holan, The technicians of Independent. He said what they say "remains in privacy," he said, was a "football and other aspects of sport".

"All these challenges are important, all the decisions I make are important. Independent is a great club which is insistent for a long time and which makes me happy personally"He said before to the journalists.

Your next contact, surely, will be when Independente represents you as a reinforcement. For that, he must conclude the contract with his contract to become a new piece of midfield.

The operation would be made on a loan with a purchase obligation. At first, Independant will redeem $ 350,000 and the rest will pay for $ 1 million, a figure paid by Boca when he brought it from Malaga in January 2015.

One of the questions that remains is that of the football player's salary. Perez has a very high contract in Boka, even to Silvio Romero, the best payment for red today.

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