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Other sectors of the PJ have been added


Picheto proposes to incorporate dohalaldistas and menemistas Source: LA NACION – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk

In his new role as candidate for vice-president of Mauritius Makri,

Angel Angel Pichetto

Analyze proposing lists of candidates for national and provincial deputies in some districts, to compete in the 11th of August and serve as "collectors" of peronist votes.

Together for the change


Two operators of the Pietetto plez
THE NATION It has already been agreed that the Government will open the passage to Pichettist, Peronism, composed mostly of dohaldistas and menemistas. That is the maximum bet, although it cannot reach all the districts.

Meanwhile, a close friend of Pichetto did not challenge that ultimately lead the Peronist leader to the same list of candidates with the MacRetas company Together for Change.

For the time being, they have shown a payroll in the city of Buenos Aires and another in the province, which would also serve to strengthen the nomination of the governor Maria Eugenia Vidal. The sources of the Casa Rosada and the government admitted that the intention is to "open the pass to the Peronists."

In this project, they work close to Pichetta: the ambassador to Spain, Ramon Puerto, part of the Macedonian Diplomatic Corps, the first head of the Miguel Angel Tome side and the ex-geralicitis humtero roggero and Eduardo Camada.

Sources close to that electoral armado assured that the peronist leader would be incorporated who had not been able to include in the lists of visiting professors Frent de Todos and the Lavagnista consensus federal. "We will include our usual comrades who were military, and we will ride with the ambulance to collect all those who stay outside," said an old operator.

Puerta prefers to frame the structure in "Republican Peronism" and estimated, according to his relatives, that within 48 hours some names will be known to integrate those Peronist lists that will compete in the Paso and serve as "collectors".

The creation of new lists is important for Marry, because the strategy has the active involvement of the campaign pointers and territorial references that push the president's mood.

Another of the initiative's initiative is Daniel "Chicho" Basil, a Picheto's Crusader and ex-president of Ex-Duddo's ex-president. For the movement, they will try to persuade other Peronists of the 21-group and Pichettism movement of different provinces: National Auditor, Oscar Lamaro; The Buenos Aires residents Angel Abasto, Baldomero "Cacho" Alvarez, Oscar Rodriguez, Gilberto Alegre and Mabel Müller; The ex-governor of Formosa, Vicente Yoga, and the ex-governor of Tuuma at Anne, Fernando Jury. They didn't want to add the Portños Eduardo Rollano and Hugo Quintana.

They will also seek to find a new squad that could be called Republican Peronism or Federal Peronism, and so they will set a date for a deed with the entire leadership to declare the race to commence. "We do not lower the flags, they call us to work, and Argentina is on the edge of the abyss and a disaster can happen on the other side if Christina wins," said Chicho Basile.

Speaking strictly, the criterion was to guarantee the "rational" Peronism a return to power, from the hand of exchange, to provide governance to Makri and to ensure that the Kirchians did not return to the government.


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