One of the doubts: the two formations that Gallardo manages for the superfinal


ESPAA, Madrid.- (Special Envoy) One day off of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal Between River Plate And Boca Juniors To play this Sunday at 16.30 in the Santiago Bernabou, The formation of the millionaire is confirmed when Marcelo Gallardo picked up the form in the visiting team.

And it is that the millionaire, although it must be the local, because the game was going to play first in the monumental, will have the same availability in the place like the Xenize and also will not have the "advantage" of using the Costumes that originally occupy real madrid.

But beyond the issues that are defined between the combool and the merengue, the dt of the set of nez Define the last moment if you play with four or five defenders in the background. Therefore, as Al Intranigente was able to find out, the only doubt that the "Muyco" has in its 11 headlines is whether they will play Lucas Martnez Quarta or Ignacio Fernndez.

Faced with this situation, the probable formation with five defenders will be: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martnez Quarta, Jonathan Maidana, Javier Pinola and Milton Casco; Exquisite Palacios, Leonardo Ponzio and Enzo Prez; Gonzalo Martnas and Lucas Pratto.

But if instead, Gallardo makes a defense with four players, the team of the band that will jump to the lawn of the Bernabu will be with: Armani; Montel, Maidana, Pinola and Casco; Palacios, Ponzio and Prez; Ignacio Fernndez and Martnez; Prato.

The river will enter three consecutive days in the Madrid capital of Madrid, and only the first four doors open, because in the others, there were no witnesses of the press, or of the fantastic millionaires. After culminating in the last training, the campus headed by Gallardo went to the Eurostar's Madrid Tower Hotel to focus on the historic superclassic.

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