Olives remain "at risk of life" | New couple …


The deputy hector of ovaries is in serious condition, "with risk of life," says the latest medical report released Friday by the deputy director of the hospital Ramos Mejia, Pablo Rossini. The La Rioja legislator remains "under mechanical respiratory aid" and "dialysis" in intensive care.

According to Rossini, "there is a compromise on renal function," which is why "he is undergoing hemodialysis to remove the excess fluid and nitrogen he may have." In addition, "The Prospective Moments of Future Surgery" are taught once the Radical Deputy has stabilized.

Ovars are rushed to the Romos Medjia after being shot yesterday meters from the National Congress. In the attack, his associate Miguel Yadón was assassinated. Cambodia's deputy arrived "with a gunshot wound, which left the left side, at the abdominal level, injuring the liver, draws, pancreas and bile ducts." As detailed yesterday, "due to bleeding, emergency surgery was done to check for damage, with hepatic pack, bile canal canalization, left document section, hemodynamic instability control with blood transfusion and expanders.

Juan Jesús Fernández and his daughter Estefania were arrested for the attack. The first was arrested by the Entrepreneur Police. He stopped his daughter in Buenos Aires. Fernandez is the owner of the Volkswagen of which he is attacking Olivars and Yadn. Estefanía Fernández was arrested for cover-up and had her home in the same building where her meat canoe, another case in front, fell.

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