Official molasses in missionaries for false news about an alleged outbreak of yellow heat


A noticeable malalysis is registered in the last few hours by Missions officials and province tour operators, previously published in various means of communication about allegedly breaking out of yellow heat, making the public health ministry reiterate that " There are no cases of yellow fever in humans or monkeys for more than 11 years, according to a statement.

Within an hour of summer tourism in one of Argentina's tourist provinces began to circulate in some media of national importance, under the title "Warning of cataracts", for the alleged danger of contravention of yellow fever. The north of the province.

In this regard, the provincial Ministry of Public Health confirmed that missions "have no cases of yellow fever in humans or monkeys for more than 11 years." They also recalled that since 2005, the provisions have made mandatory the application of the Yellow Fire Wax vaccine, to date with a 95% immunized population, which acts as a health screen and 354 health centers for which they can request free of charge. Vaccines.

In the case of the vaccine, they also noted that it is the most important preventive measure against the disease, "it is safe and affordable, a single dose is enough to protect immunity and protection for life without the need for booster doses", and The same "it must be applied 10-15 days before the planned trip to achieve its immunity."

In this topic, Missions Minister Jose Maria Arrúa said: "When it was hardly published in the web and repeated on some TV channels, a journalist wrote me to ask me if it was certain that there were cases From Yellow Fever before I have a hasty response to an area that is not thanks to me, I inform the Minister of Health, Walter Willallba, who has confirmed to me that no case is registered for 11 years. "

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