Norman Reedus allowed the launch of Death Standing in 2019


Not so long ago we think that the development of Dead standing It will be done on very low heat, which will lead to a very short cut in time, around 2020. However, it seems that Hideo Kojima and his team Kojima Productions They work hard to get it to PS4 and PC sooner than planned. Specifically, Norman Reedus, Who plays the protagonist of the game, believes that it will arrive in the first months of 2019.

Reidus is completing his job

A few weeks ago we talked about how Troy Baker, The prolific actor who also plays a role in death standards, claims that his job was over. According to Reedus, it is about to do it. "I think the launch will be in the first months of 2019, I have three movements in the move in New York during the next week," Reedus said in a podcast. In fact, as we know, the game is already in the phase of correction of Kojima itself. "This is another level, I have participated in other games, but never in the way," he says resoundingly.

In addition, Reduces lets us see something more about his point of view about dead ending, whose playable development continues to be a mystery, despite what little has seen in the past E3 2018. "It is not the kind of game where you kill everyone in a place," he says. "It's a game about annoying people, building bridges from here to there, other players do the same … And the character that I play has that Fobia to be touched, and how you play you lose it, but as you play, It always haps you with decisions over and over, and once it comes to you, it turns out to be a very brave game, it's visual stunning, and the story behind is just another level. It's not that simple, but the philosophy is one that everyone can grasp. "

There is no doubt that Reid is an authoritative voice to talk about the future of death standards, but it's probably a very bold statement on his part to ensure that the new game of Kojima will come to us so soon. We will have to wait to learn more about Exclusive PS4 Expected-in Consoles – as it did not inhibit its surprise in the past The Game Awards.

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