Noelya Antonelli resigned to "The Diary of Marianna" – 05/12/2018

After the news of the resignation of Diego Luco (29) a Diana diary (The thirteen, at 14.30), transferred another low that will suffer the program. Noelia Antonelli (34), the panelist of the cycle, will also be part of it.

The journalist integrates the magazine of the production company Mandarina Telsuzione since May 2013, when it started. And, as it turned out, Last week he told the team that he planned to pass aside.

Antonelli He proposed his resignation unexpectedly but he did it with good terms, Without any controversy by medium. In fact, it will be part of the program conducted by Mariana Fabbiani (43) at least for two weeks.

Antonine is one of the pleasers who was at the beginning of the cycle. (Instagram)

Antonine is one of the pleasers who was at the beginning of the cycle. (Instagram)

Apparently, the Panelist has no job offer in sight and you decide to let the cycle has to do with a personal decision.

So, to the departure of Leuco (just in mid-February), his departure from Karina Yavikoli, who has recently joined The Angels of the Morning (Al tracks, at 10.30), the cycle of points performed by the same producer.

It is unknown who is Anthony's replacement. At the moment it is only known that the place of Leuco will be known by his colleague Tato Young (46).

The new member will connect the panel and, like Leuco, when Fabbiani is not responsible for the program administration.

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