Next stop: Madrid – the intransigent

After the last training in the institution of Nez, the campus left the monumental in Micrones to Eiziza and at the dinner hours to Spain. The arrival will be in the early hours of Thursday (it is estimated at 3:00 in Argentina) and at 14th will open an open four of the Ciudad Departiva de Real Madrid, in Valdeebas to get ready for the final against Boca Juniors The next Sunday.

The team led by Marcelo Gallardo travels to the Spanish capital with two good news and a low level: The high standards of the players Radrido Mora and won Quintero and the non-recovery of Ignacio Scocco. The Ubulistana was initially recovered from a sinowitis of the right hip, while the Colombian left behind a contractor in the left hand and both were available to play in Santiago Bernabou.

The players who started the trip were:

1. Franco Armani

2. Jonatan Maidana

3. Marcelo Saracchi

4. Jorge Moreira

5. Bruno Zucculini

7. Rodrigo Mora

8. Won Quintero

9. Marcelo Larrondo

10. Gonzalo Martnez

11. Nicols De La Cruz

12. Benjamin Rollheice


14. Germn Lux

15. Exactly Palacios

16. Ariel Rojas

17. Carlos Auzqui

18. Kamilo Mayada

19. Rafel Bor

20. Milton Cassano

21. Yvonne Rossy

22. Javier Pinola

23. Leonardo Ponzio

24. Enzo pres

25. Enrique Bologna

26. Ignacio Fernndez

27. Lucas Pratto

28. Lucas Martnez Quarta

29. Gonzalo Montiel

30. Ignacio Scocco.

The two remaining in the country are: David Martnez and Luciano Lollo. The latter suffers a solution in the second metatarsal of the right PI and its inactive until 2019. In addition, the Miueco, Will be available to 23 players Hoping to put scocco. The rest of the players who traveled may not be available because: Rafael Santos Borr has accumulated yellow, Enrique Bologna, who recovers from an operation in his left knee, Nawuel Gallardo, for a muscle injury like Cristian Ferriya.

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