New strategy to boost the sedans market


In recent years, the SUVs have a tendency in different markets of the world and, in some cases, have been imposed in front of the sediments of different segments. In this way, some automotive companies began to develop new sports vehicles, although in other cases they decided to reach the strategy and equipment in traditional cars, so their sales do not decline.

Even some brands of countries like the United States or Japan, among the most well known, are trying to find solutions so that there is no decline in the category of sedans, with the incorporation of a well-known system, especially in the field of Off-road vehicles, known as integral traction.

Jeremy Assevede, the automotive information service company analyst, Edmunds, announced that automakers are looking for the famous off-road system for traditional vehicles: "The recent increase in vehicles that offer a four-wheel drive system is an attempt to direct the playing field between cars and SUVs", According to site

For example, Nissan has managed to increase its sales by nearly 20 percent in the United States, with the addition of four-wheel drive in the new Altima. In turn, for decades, The automobiles kept unnecessary the implementation of the 4×4 system in traditional cars, since it increased vehicle costs and total weight, mechanical complexity and fuel consumption.

In any case, over the years, manufacturers began to introduce double traction in some of their models to improve efficiency, because both gasoline and diesel have fallen at a price, after the decline in the value of the barrel of oil.

In the end, Mazah's president, Mazda, in North America, also bet on the new option and expects sales of sedans to increase by 40 percent. In addition, he assured that different people see it as an exclusive feature: "Four-wheel drive gives more sense of security to customers, and they see it as a premium feature."

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